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The Quantum Superior Plus 14 Inch Disc Blade

The Codiun Rail Quantum Superior Plus 14 Inch Disc Blade is the next generation of abrasive wheel for cutting both standard and hardened rail sections.

After bench tests and site trials the Codiun Rail Quantum Superior Plus 14 Inch Disc Blade managed 6 to 8 cuts straight through standard 113lb/UIC54 rail section before requiring replacement. These test results were achieved with the blade fixed to a Husqvarna K1260 Rail Cutting Machine.

After just 2 cuts of 113lb flat bottom standard rail section the reduced wear to the Codiun Rail Quantum Superior Plus 14 Inch Disc Blade is apparent. The picture above depicts the difference in blade size after conducting 2 cuts on a customer’s rail stillage. The machine operator was an experienced plant maintenance fitter working within the Network Rail supply chain.

Features and Benefits


  • One 14 Inch Disc Blade can conduct up to 8 cuts straight through a 113lb rail section offering significant cost savings.
  • Fast Cutting Speed (60 to 70 seconds)
  • Perfect Straight Cut (less than 1% Horizontal and Vertical Deviation)
  • Whilst conducting cutting of rail and pendling the cutting machine reduced vibration is experienced by the machine operator.
  • Whilst cutting all grades of rail the amount of dust created from wear to the disc is greatly reduced. This mitigates against the risk of inhalation of dust by the machine operator.
  • Vast reduction in wheel wear for extended product life.  This offers less recyclable waste to the end user.

Weights and Dimensions of the Codiun Rail 14 Inch Superior Plus Rail Cutting Disc Blade


  • Blade Diameter 14 Inch (356mm)
  • Weight 0.9Kg
  • 1 Inch (25.4mm) Centre Hole to fit Machine Arbor
  • Thickness of Blade – 4mm
  • Specification - NQ24Q-356x 4.0x25,4-T41
  • Max RPM 5500 (100 m/s)
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