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                   Codiun Intelliclamp                                       Patent Pending No:GB2537586

The intelligent clamping system (Intelliclamp) for temporary rail joints has a revolutionary design that gives the clamp the ability to ensure that the fixing bolt will never bend no matter what torque is applied. The clamp also has the ability to house a sensor that can provide essential current track data that is viewable, either locally or remotely, via a web site portal.

The Intelliclamp can now be supplied with a Hardlock M24 anti-loosening system as an optional extra. This method of sustaining tension at the clamp jaw and torque within the supplied clamp bolt for extended periods of time gained Network Rail product acceptance on the 4th of June 2017.


The Codiun replacement clamp bolt has been designed to accept the Hardlock M24 anti-loosening system whilst retaining the capability to be used in conjunction with all existing Network Rail approved imperial fishplates. The Hardlock system has been tested for multiple installation cycles (in practice up to 1000 applications subject to regular visual inspection). This outstanding performance offers a minimal whole of life cost which can be achieved utilising superior quality 'V' Grade Codiun replacement bolts.

Our web site portal will provide realtime track data on request. The graph below shows how the clamp measures force and time history


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