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Ballast Broom Elements

Codiun Rail supply a variety of Ballast Broom Rubber Elements for all rail applications. For standard Ballast Brush Boxes we have the hollow element with a 33mm I.D. and 55mm O.D. to suit Rexquote, Windhoff and Richter & Muller manufactured equipment.

These hollow elements can be supplied in pre-cut lengths to the customers requirements. The following are the recommended lengths required for standard boxes:

For high wear areas within the box Codiun Rail can also supply rubber elements with a solid working end.

For the larger on track machines Codiun Rail can supply solid rubber elements for a far greater wear life. These can be delivered pre-cut to the customers specifications and requirements.

To Affix these solid elements Codiun Rail can supply a double clamp holding two elements in place.

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